Thursday, 23 January 2014

Working towards a house of Peace

The kind of life I'd like...

calm and happy

I am working to consider before any decision "will this action that I am considering get me closer to the kind of life I want to live or further from it?"

It's not always about the line of least resistance;
an easy trek in the wrong direction is ultimately harder than a steady uphill climb to the right destination.

Is peace merely the absence of war
or tranquility despite the conflict
contentment despite the imperfections?

Happiness is a choice
Acceptance of whatever arises
... and letting go

Thank you Timber Hawkeye for your input

Thank you to Smartie our cat for your example in "being".


  1. Peace. at least we all get thinking about that. It is many things, all being and letting be and that's ok.

    1. Yes it's OK. It's Ok in a positive tone of voice! Thanks Jude x

  2. I can identify with these thoughts.

    1. Yes and they are worth pondering aren't they? I think!

  3. Sometimes peace comes to me through pushing myself to reach a challenging goal; knowing that committment to learning something new, trying a different approach, doing something hard, etc is essential to a marvelous life. I guess what I am saying is peace is not just the absence of struggle.

    I hope you can find the peace you hunger for without losing the joy and the sorrow that makes life balanced.

    I will share this private situation in my search for peace... One of our children was a difficult teen. DIFFICULT. After 3 yrs of fearing our family would be torn apart because of the hateful ways of this teen I knew I needed to change something as I could not handle all the emotional up & downs anymore. I went to the family dr and said: Give me something so I do not feel anymore. He did. For 30 days I took a pill that let me live without the deep lows. It was like magic. Nothing bothered me.

    Well on the 30th day, I was at the grocery store in the Express Lane. When I came home the phone was ringing. It was my best friend. She said, "I am coming over. Now." Okay. Sure. Whatever. When she arrived, she said, "What is wrong with you. You need to go to the doctor!" She felt my forehead. Gave me a glass of water. I said, "Everything is fine." She went on to explain how she knew something was wrong: She was 2 carts behind me in the Express Checkout lane. But the person ahead of me had easily 40 items in his cart. I said nothing. I did not ask him to go into a regular lane because this is the Express (10 or less) Lane. I did not tell the clerk This is the Express Lane... Nothing. I just stood there.
    That was not normal for me. Shauna said, You are not your self. Then I smiled and said, I know! Isn't it wonderful?! She said, No. You have a right to highs and lows. You are not experiencing the good things that bring you jumping up and down, cheering joy. I know you don't want the bottom of the barrel lows, but THIS is not the solution.

    She was right. So I did not refill that prescription. And I got my life back. The stinky parts and the wonderful parts.

    Peace is not the absence of struggle. Peace is accepting what you cannot change and not letting it ruin or control you.

    1. wow yes I know exactly what you are saying. In my professional life I'm a homeopath and I deal all the time with folk who have been on antidepressants and want to get off and I love helping those who may have otherwise taken that route to avoid such awful drugs.

      Peace is with me. I am not avoiding. I realise that the way to be is one who can meet the real things in life and deal with them. Peace is within me but needs nurturing at times. I do this via meditation, yoga, mindfulness and stitch - oh yes and drawing and painting. It's so good to use these techniques - we all have our challenges.

      I'm glad you are coping - keep on keeping on.

      I thank you for your thoughts. xx - Clare xx

  4. The older I get the more I try and walk this path. It seems to be a lesson, given over and over again, about choosing how to receive and respond to any given situation.

  5. Thank you Victoria - we repeat the lesson until we learn!


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