Thursday, 30 January 2014

Taking a Stitch for a Walk

Whereas Picasso, Matisse, even Mondrian and Kandinsky concentrated on abstracting from perceived reality, Klee began with a point, extended it into a line and famously took it for a walk wherever it wished to go.

A day sent working with Yvonne Flavell was rather like the title of this post suggests. We worked with shading of thread in varying degrees from the bobbin. Liberating and a way I shall explore further in translation of the drawn mark to fabric.

Further exploration since Saturday:


  1. Lovely stitching Clare. The results are amazing.

  2. Boy, you really did take your stitchings for a walk... a wonderful walk.

  3. If I altered the tension on my machine it would stich like this all the time:-). Seriously this looks like a fascinating excercise and the reults are great. I particularly like the red (3rd from the end) I think it is that contast staight black line

  4. That's a phenomenal amount of work. You must have learnt a lot from it all.

  5. What a wonderful selection of stitches and textures. It looks like you got a lot out of this class, with plenty more mileage to come.


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