Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Looking at what drives me.
At what it is all for.
What purpose?

Moving from productivity and end result
Into a place of productivity in process
Shifting the emphasis
Pleasure in learning the technique
and honing.

Honing being in the moment
In all the depth that it offers.
Into that infinite microcosm
that is the moment.

And the discovery that there is as much within as without.

Not what I do, but the intention with which I do it which is important
and the recognition of the significance
of my values
and nothingness lying within
and being OK with that.
Honing that.

... and thank you to Linda for your time and insight and Sally for your grace and insight. Thank you both for your strength. We are on a journey which is very significant. It requires no luggage.


  1. Is that a Dorset button? Pleasure in learning and creating, I will second that.

  2. Some very interesting reflections.


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