Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Here and Now

So I've not blogged. Time has eluded me. Facebook seems quicker and more attractive when time is short but I resolve to check in here more as it seems more permanent than the transience of Facebook. 
Creating for sales before Christmas was fun and successful but ultimately now artistically creative and I needed to get back to that side of me after a well deserved break.
I've made some brooches this week for some orders, all of which have turned out very different and I have a lot more to come. I enjoyed using silk velvet in luscious colours and some hand dyed felt from Maryke Philips of "Batiks and Beads"

Also I have resolved to do more painting with an excursion into oil which will be a new venture. Some palette knives and extra paints arrived today in the post so I'm feeling itchy to get started.
In the mean time a little loosening up with some watercolour

And a bit of intuitive painting which I have never done before just to see what happened. This fell off my brush.
I was thinking of my friend; a meditating partner and it emerged. 
I often avoid painting as I usually work from life or landscape but use the wrong location or bad weather or this or that as an excuse. I enjoyed here just playing with paint and expressing so I will perhaps this will be a new modus operandum for the new year.

How a palette alone can make one drool!

A trip to the new birmingham library to see the stunning architecture was a real treat
And whilst I was there I had an urge for portraiture as I sat in an egg shaped chair observing people at study. This woman in her vivid head dress was so stunning
An inspirational trip to visit our friends in Cornwall is always a treat and seascapes will once again feature in my work this year

So happy new year to one and all. Keep peace in your hearts and compassion in your actions.

 I remind my self, with this post, to be mindful and wholly present wherever I can and to seek simplicity and integrity each day in what I do.


  1. Happy new year Clare and I return your wishes equally for you. You've reminded me that I wanted to see the new library in Birmingham too. I hope you enjoy oil painting. I found them a bit awkward when I first used them but enjoyed them once I go the hang of it. I havn't painted in years though, too busy stitching. I love what you have been doing with the velvet and Cornwall looks beautiful as ever.

  2. mad woman from cornwallWed Jan 15, 09:54:00 am GMT

    Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Mrs W , brooches are tantalising think I need to order an angel one for a birthday in Feb !So glad you're starting year reinvigorated and inspired after your New Year of creativity here by the sea - I'm going to try knitting !

  3. The brooches just glow and are so beautiful. I like what you've been doing with you paints and your black and white Cornwall photos are so atmospheric. Happy New Year to you too, looks like it's started well.

    A visit to Birmingham library is on my to do list.

  4. That silk velvet looks lovely the colours are so rich. love your paintings too

  5. what a full, full post... I appreciate 'the call' toward mindfulness and intention. Your brooches are richly colored and beautifully stitched! I'll bet they flew off the racks. Have fun with your exploration of painting.


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