Monday, 1 April 2013

A Numbing Chill

Coldness, ongoing. Not the sort of cold that lifts you after a bracing walk. No, numbing coldness. The sort that gets to the brain. The sort that makes you light the wood burner and vegetate.
We had promised ourselves to get out there and do a good walk today but the enthusiasm wasn't there. Instead some jobs and the making of a Roman Blind. (Cut the jokes about poking Caesar in the eye). ;-)

Finally a little more therapeutic stitching:
 And some fabric prepared for a journal quilt. These pastel poppies should provide a good ground for stitch.

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  1. Love the leaf piece. Is it on waxed paper? Those poppies are going to look great when they are stitched.

    Don't blame you for not wanting to go out - it really is an evil cold out there.

  2. Hi Maggi - no the leaf is stitched on to a collage of thin papers and fabrics which are collaged using CMC paste - a bit like Cas Holmes uses xx

  3. BEAUTIFUL pieces! LOVE the texture on that leaf

  4. Hi Clare, grand that we can have color to warm us up even if spring won't! Lovely poppies - they will be fun to stitch I think.

  5. I like the leaf :-)
    I am up there with you about the walks, just a non starter, no fun at all.

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