Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Journal, Stitching and a new venture - Rustic Pumpkin!

So the stitching is being added to the piece I made of a photocopied page in my journal of a watercolour wash and chalk pastel poppies. The copyable fabric has worked well in this case and I have enjoyed the quilting and tying myself up in knots!!

Here is the original page in my journal.

and here are a few more pages - I'm back nto it after a break. I think I like to combine a diary with a sketchbook in this way - I never know what might turn up!

 Rustic Pumpkin is a new venture that my sewing friend Tracy and I have started. We plan to sell at craft fairs nearer Christmas but every time anyone sees our creations they buy them - we will have no stock!!! This, though, was a special commission based on our more usual single snowman. They are weighted as normal and can be used as a doorstop or bookend but these are definitely for the mantelpiece in this well known celebrity's house. They are 30cm tall and about 50cm wide. They are all wearing the colours that his four grand children wear.

Here are a few more of our pieces - you can sometimes catch them in my etsy shop - see the right hand side bar and click my name to find the shop.

If you can click Like on the facebook page Rustic Pumpkin Middle England and I'll keep you updated!

and various bits and bobs! 

Leave me a message if you're interested in treating yourself or a friend to a gift!!!

Useful pincushions!


  1. Your creations are gorgeous I can see why they are selling like hot cakes!

    I am interested in your new embroidery, how did you transfer the image I wonder? I have done lots of experiments with ink jet prints on treated fabric but have found them very difficult to sew. The soft colours work very well.

  2. Congrats on the launch of Rustic Punpkin. Seems you have hit on a winner!

  3. Beautiful journal work!!!!! Absolutely LOVE those pin cushions

    Wishing you much success in this new endeavour

  4. Sweet works tell a story of beauty!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. Lovely way to combine your journaling with stitching.
    Good luck with the new venture.

  6. Great to see your lovely sketchbook work transferred so successfully to textiles. Good luck with the new venture!

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