Thursday, 1 December 2011

Freestyle Embroidery Thinking....


I need to think
often I need to get inside myself

working with ones hands


allows for this

as does looking ... and seeing properly

for inspiration to continue...



  1. Hi Clare--FYI-- trying to read your post, but the photos are not appearing. Don't know if its just me/my computer, but its not happening with other posts.

  2. It's always interesting to see where your needle takes you..!

  3. Lovely colours and combination of stitches - I'd love to see it all!

  4. Love your stitching and the beautiful colors.

    Weaving strengthens,
    and creates a bond, and yet each one is allowed to remain separate
    and individual.

    What I saw in your art expressed in a poem.

  5. Lovely colours and the stitching is like little things growing slowly in corners.

  6. Love the colours and the different materials you've used here - and the zoomed in pictures make it very interesting and intense too!

  7. Wow, Clare-- it's much nicer seeing the photos!! Your work is beautiful. I love the colors and the textures and the details! Hope you enjoyed the process!

  8. Lovely stitches. I love the mossy green patch - the texture is perfect.

  9. one of the things that has always fascinated me about your journey, is how you connect what you see in the world to your cloth. these meanderings are no exception! you are an inspiration. thank you!

  10. Such wonderful textures and colors...

  11. Wise words, slowing down to needle pace allows the mind to think and create.

    Lovely London pics too on your previous post.


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