Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tomten Houses

Have been making some essential Christmas decorations - little houses for the Tomten (elves) to hand on a tree. It's nice to use these lovely quality cottons and linens.
I hung them on a smoke bush (cotinus) and when I finished and turned around there was this fabulous rainbow - what a reward.
I can never really understand anyone who isn't hugely preoccupied with food. I dream about it quite a lot.
At the weekend I was in London and went to get some picnic items in Harrods as a treat. 
Here are some pictures of the wonderful food halls.

...and more chocolate
 oh and a bit more...
 the lovely lady who made my crayfish and rocket flatbread sandwich and served up my venison and squash pie waving cheerily to me.
 some greengrocers!
 feast your eyes...
 fractal patterning...
 a Christmasy basket
 fruits of the sea...

 and if one can peel one's eyes away from the food and look at the ceiling in the fish hall...
... a very friendly squirrel after some picnic in Hyde Park - sorry I ate it all!
In the end, although an exciting time was had it was nice to be back with sleepy Smartie hugging a beloved block of parmesan which is his current gourmet obsession.


  1. Looks like you had a lovely time. Your ginger baby is so sweet!!

  2. we are also getting those Romanesque caulis, quite good too...look so decorative on and off the plate

  3. Thank you for sharing the Harrods Photos...it has been over ten years since my last visit and when I read your post all my senses came back to me. Isn't London beautiful this time of year? Peace, Mary Helen

  4. That was the most beautiful rainbow, the colors were vibrant.

  5. Ha ha - did you bring back Smartie a piece of parmesan from Harrods? It is many many years since I visited there.

  6. Oh, these are really sweet Tomten houses - where are the Mother Christmas-girls?

    I'm glad I've just had dinner when looking at these artful food pictures from Harrods ...

    Your cat looks very content indeed - but I always thought mice loved cheese and cats preferred mice?

  7. Sometimes it's hard to see what you want in Harrods because the scenery is knocking you sideways.
    At least, I've not been often enough to get bored of it!

  8. Oh the food! And what a tame squirrel!

  9. I loved this post! What gorgeous photos. I feel as satisfied as the kitty. I had no idea that cats like parmesan cheese!

  10. Had a quick look at your blog, and it's great! I'm a sucker for all cat related things, and yours features a good ratio of cat:craft. I'll definately be passing by again


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