Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Spirit ... (a frivolous one)

I could just possibly become marginally obsessed with making more of these Tomte. 
The little fella is of Swedish / Finnish origin and every farm had his own little spirit like this to guard the animals at night.
He brought the farmer porridge at on Christmas Eve.

The Yul Tomte now lives on as a Christmas Elf...
 ...and this one is guarding my bay tree....
look out for more .....


  1. Totally adorable!! And I love the story behind it!

  2. Did you know that nowadays there are females of this kind as well? Thought that might inspire you even further ... :-)!

    (As my father is Swedish and my mother Finnish by birth, I reckon you can take my word for it!)

  3. What a wonderful story and custom. happy Thanksgiving Blessings! Peace, Mary Helen


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