Sunday, 7 August 2011


I have had 24 hours of solitude at home. Since the first child was born over 12 years ago there have always been others here. Boy was it peaceful! I got so much done. I had a clear out of outgrown clothing, I went to the garden centre and bought some plants and watched my very own choice of T.V.
There was even time for some quiet stitching peace.
I am still working on the guitar piece for the exhibition and got a little more of the background completed (see above).
I then made a name badge. I am off to The Festival of Quilts at the N.E.C. Birmingham on Thursday and two of my favourite artists, Laura and Linda Kemshall have said that anyone perusing their stall with a home made name badge will get a little prize.
For mine I used a little scrap of shot silk and some Madeira rayon thread - I like it's sheen.
I also signed up for the Kemshall's Creative Sketchbook online course because for some time I have been feeling like I need some nudging and a little direction. It begins at the end of August. I'm a little scared but a lot excited!!
These aqualegia (columbine) seed heads would make a great sketching subject matter.


  1. Precious solitude...I know just what you mean by that. It's so very important to have uninterrupted times for personal work, isn't it? The sketchbook course looks wonderful - a good way to keep ideas flowing, I think...

    LUV the name badge!

  2. Such bliss to have a little time to yourself. Super name-badge; I had planned togo to the show but it clashes with family birthdays and I think the must come first. (I must check the sketchbook course, guess it will be SO GOOD.)

  3. So important to have time for yourself, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Lovely name badge, I will look out for it later this week.

  4. Have a lovely time at the NEC, I am sure you will return with inspiration and ideas.

    What a lovely holiday destination below, I am more than a little envious.

  5. I could do with a day or so to myself right now.

  6. A perfect day and I like your badge. Beautiful fabric and very decorative name. I've hand stitched mine and still have to make a neck thing to hang it from as I want to pin my CQ badge to a ribbon rather than my clothes. Fussy! :-)

  7. PS Well done for signing up for the course and good luck, I'm sure you'll have a great time.

  8. Hello, it's me.....
    Can you tell me why you chose this online course? I'm looking for one, but a have to rely on recommendations from others..
    Have you done one before? Do you need alot of 'extras' ( I have difficulty getting even simple things..)
    Sorry, loads of questions...could do with some help...I've looked at the web site and the vids and it looks just up my street but want to make sure..

  9. Hi Jude. Well the reason I have chosen the Kemshall's course is mostly because I'm a big fan of theirs. I have been following Design Matters TV for over a year and rally like it. They are artists, unlike many quilt makers who pinch ideas from others a lot. Both draw well and their sense of colour appeals to me. I haven't done an online art course before and would really prefer to do one live but time is a pressure and they don't do live courses any more (dammit they only live 3 miles from me). The materials list is short - you will have everything, plus they send you a little kit. There is no need to get fancy with materials unlike a lot of mixed media type courses who require all sorts of expensive new products. I think the course is as much about process as anything else. Go for it girl!!

  10. Love the idea of getting a little prize for turning up with a handmade name badge. Fabulous idea!

  11. It's astonishing how much you can get done when you have a little solitude, isn't it!

  12. i remember those days. sounds like you made good use of the day. love the name badge, great idea.

  13. So glad you had some precious peace and quiet - time alone when you normally have a house full is wonderful. The name badge is fabulous - so shiny and lovely!

  14. Your name tag is beautiful. I love solitude for a bit. Please give the Kemshall's a hug from me. I'm in the States, and find so much inspiration from them. Their DMTV is fantastic, so I can only imagine what the course would be like. Have a wonderful time at the Festival!!!

  15. My kids are grown and out the door, and no grandkids yet, so aside from the pets, solitude is my life for now. I have time to think, and meditate, and all those good things, but I do miss the crazy old days with the kids.

    Your name badge is beautiful. I love the way your letters were made interesting. I don't think I would have thought of that! Beautiful stippling.

    I'm following now, to keep an eye on you and your projects!


  16. Oh dear due to some glitch...I couldn't fill the on-line form in...and now they are closed!! Really upset!!


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