Monday, 15 August 2011

This Magic Feather

This feather helped the bird in flight
Then gathered dreams up in the night.
It came upon a shooting star
and carried those visions to a far
and magical place it seems
To sleep perchance to dream.

 Jude Hill's (spirit cloth) magic feather came from the USA this week.
This one was on the doorstep upon our return from the sea - pointing the way home last night.

Jude will be sent the top feather - see the side bar, bottom right - The Magic Feather...


  1. Beautiful stitched feathers. What a lovely and appropriate find on your doorstep.

  2. lovely stitched feather for Jude's Magic feather
    Project : )

  3. Lovely story of your feather.

  4. Feathers are fascinating, and stitching one gave you a great chance to study them, didn't it!

  5. I love your feather and the little poem - how fitting to find another on your doorstep. Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you have fun with your transfer paints.

  6. the cloth that the white feather sits on is gorgeous.
    and i love your poem and stitched feather. nice message.

  7. Are you doing a feather swap? Both are lovely.

  8. so many feathers will fly to Jude

  9. Lovely feathers - there is something special about them isn't there?
    Nearly time for the Creative Sketchbook course - can't wait!


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