Thursday, 28 July 2011

When In France

 We have just got back from a wonderful trip to France. We stayed near the Pyrenees in this amazing home - Chateau de La Biste, Marciac.
There were eleven of us altogether. Sharing the cooking, the children and a lot of wine!

 I am fascinated by windows and doors. An opening into another world. French windows and their shutters. Then the locks. Keep in the cool, keep out the sun and inquisitive people...
We made a long journey to visit Uncle Dave who lives in a medieval fortified farmhouse with a fascinating history a couple of hours from Toulouse. He cooked us a wonderful meal and is opening the rose wine produced by a friend. Yum.
I did a little sewing and a little sketching but really the company of friends was too much fun to ignore!


  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful. glad you enjoyed it xx
    Take care

  2. Must have been a wonderful trip!

    I do share your interest for doors, locks and shuts, dear Clare - these truly are a piece of art by themselves too!

  3. Ah, windows and doors,so photogenic, the lock is a gem. Glad you had a good holiday.

  4. sounds like a fabulous holiday, gorgeous house, can't wait to see your sketches! ~Fiona


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