Monday, 21 March 2011

A Spring in my Step

At last the creative sap is rising coinciding as usual with the fresh new growth of Spring.
I have made a series of little geese filled with lavender from my garden last year. They are blushing with excitement at the prospect of some warmer weather. I am wondering whether to sell some?

I have started walking whenever possible at the beginning of the day through some woodland. A stretch of about four miles. A green corridor. To chart and mark these walks an altered book of children's stories will be my record.
This morning the sound of scribbling larks over the open fields.
An echoing machine gun of woodpeckers in the woodland.
Many little hidey holes with wildlife emerging into the warming sun
Written in the stars...
... is our connection with all around us...
... we only need to notice....

                                                                    ... and we cannot fail to be inspired.


  1. hi there. Thanks for stopping by my little blog. Just wanted to say how much I adore your blushing geese. They really are gorgeous and I definitely think you should sell them. xx

  2. So beautiful...your thoughts and images. I think you should sell these delightful lavender-filled ducks. So sweet they are.

  3. mad woman from cornwallMon Mar 21, 07:21:00 pm GMT

    you are soooo clever i think this is just amazing
    we should run courses on ' how to journal ' .... i'll be first to sign up !

  4. Beautiful words and pictures, I love your book

  5. Wonderful. The altered book is such a great idea.

  6. love this workxlynda

  7. love the book.. what a great way to capture and record your daily walk (and you should definitely sell the lavender geese, just gorgeous) ~Fiona

  8. Oh, this journal is absolutely wonderful, dear Clare - so tender, so poetic ... Just one of a kind!

    (The geese are very, very sweet too - you would sell out instantly!)

  9. Lovely just lovely .. found your blog on SewIn.. :)

  10. Loving your journal Claire - you are so multi-talented!!


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