Friday, 25 March 2011

The Good Witch of Easter - a stitch witch

Any time that has been up for grabs this past week has had me making this Good Witch for Easter. She has her little goose under her arm and has obviously got a secret she cannot tell - maybe chocolate?
She's made from linens and her hair is hand dyed wool from Leicester sheep.

She is 21" (53cm) tall and is for sale at £65. Email me or comment if you'd like her! (Comment even if you don't and let me know what you think her secret is!!)


  1. I think she thinks the goose smells too good to eat!!!
    Love the Good Witch
    Take care

  2. Her secret is safe with me and I am not telling.

    Happy Spring!

  3. Is this a wonderful Tilda doll?

    I think the goose cut one loose!!!

  4. The pattern is Tilda yes. It's the linen that makes it so awesome!

  5. Ah, she´s really wonderful - especially so for a firstborn... - her secret? I go along with acornmoon... - hope you´ll make more of them...!

  6. she's gorgeous! I love the hand over mouth expression (even if I did think at first she was in shock, lol!)


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