Sunday, 13 March 2011

Could breakfast be an art form?

I have just concocted this. No-one else up, peace and quiet cuisine.
Grilled tomatoes on toast, each piece of tomato soused in olive oil, sprinkled with Cornish Sea Salt - the only salt.
Then a drop of aged Sicilian Balsamic Vinegar on each slice from "The Gift Of Oil" the only Balsamic vinegar. Some fresh chives snipped in the rain from outside the back door, and some freshly ground pepper. Graced with a poached egg with more pepper and chives.
Sometimes it is so good to take the time to cook something wonderful just for oneself and of course to lay a freshly made quilt upon the table.


  1. Yummie - you're so right preparing this delicious meal 'just' for yourself!

    Ant the star quilt is just gorgeous ...!


  2. Love that breakfst, and the quilt as well.

  3. mad woman from cornwallMon Mar 14, 07:56:00 am GMT

    i love the pic but love even more the message are so right that creating a special meal however simple (especially for oneself) gives the ultimate feel good factor... every meal should be an occasion and a celebration.... perhaps this is the time we all should all take each day to take a step slower and get back in touch with what really matters...

  4. I'm truly agreeing with 'mad woman from'...
    I love simple meals created with love and that are an enjoyment for the eyes as well as the tastebuds..
    Take care

  5. Yes, absolutely it could be. :)

  6. mmm... wonderful breakfast- and quilt. I agree with the importance of treating yourself on a regular basis xx


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