Thursday, 7 October 2010

Pondering and Autumn stitching...

Family matters and the real world of work have kept me from blogging, but today there is a little space and the sun is shining.

We had a first pumpkin soup of the season last night, warmed with cumin seeds, smoked paprika and garlic. I felt like I had a cauldron full of Autumn scents.
The cat lies in the afternoon sun on the pumpkin cushion.
Jude Hill's pumpkins adorn the top of the piano. I touch them each time I go past.
I ponder upon a moving family memorial event in Devon this past weekend. The garlands in the barn. The candles, the shaft of light from above.
And this morning a reminder that winter approaches...
...and with that some more stitching opportunities as bad weather stops play!


  1. oh i missed those little punkins. nice to see you back. such a great time of year!

  2. Jude it is a wonderful time and I can't help but celebrate!

  3. Love that house-and-tree scenery! And you are right - autumn is really a feast for all senses!

  4. What wonderful pictures and thoughtful words.
    I love Autumn too.xx Annette x

  5. I adore the fall and you have captured it so well here, Clare....oooh lah lah, could I smell that soup! Let me just go borrow a lear jet & I'll pop on over :>}}}}}}}}

  6. Autumn does seem to inspire us to quilt and stitch, your colours are wonderful, inspirational!

  7. Thank you everyone - it is very motivating to receive your comments.

  8. A lovely post Clare with inspiring pictures. What a wonderful venue for the memorial event - it must have brought comfort to everyone. The quilts are gorgeous and really celebrate autumn. It is hard to say goodbye to summer, but each season has it's treasures, not least pumpkin soup!

  9. A lovely post Clare...wonderful pictures.
    And that soup sounds fantastic! Now I must go and google pumpkin, smoked paprika and cumin.....

  10. mad woman from cornwallMon Oct 11, 07:05:00 pm BST

    The autumn smell of turning soil is the best in the world ... its the signal of new beginnings as we turn over the old and in with the new...
    Orange pumpkins, orange trees and orange sunsets... its all so warm and homely... and then of course there's chocolate oranges !

  11. Love the picture of the spider web! Just put my pumpkin out on the porch, going to turn the heat on for the first time tonight, it is time for autumn stitching!


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