Thursday, 9 September 2010

Retreating Into Autumn

These two fellas are finding a place to nest as the Autumn draws in. We have had some terrific rain and wind this week which has blown some cobwebs away and has even inspired me to do some cleaning - almost a feeling of spring cleaning. It's possibly something to do with the children going back to school and having a little peace but probably to do with the season turning to the one I love the most.
Why? Because I love all things "harvest" but my particular fetish is PUMPKINS!
I have several growing, but I have recently been stitching this little cat amongst the pumpkins.
It was a practice for turned edge applique and I have used some sumptuous Japanese woven fabrics which I adore. There is some hand quilting and some machine free-motion wiggling.
To stop my bottom going square, and now that the calm has returned after the storms, I have cleaned the porch and swept the greenhouse and patio where these guys are lurking:


  1. Hi!Those ladybirds are so tiny, how on earth did you manage that photo? Clever girl. . .and the pumpkin cat!x

  2. well I used a long lens from surprisingly far away - it gives a nice depth of field, short! Manual focussing seems to do it for me!

  3. A lovely autumnal post. I had to laugh at the idea of a square bottom!

  4. Lovely post. Our cicadas are still singing, so summer will be around here for awhile I'm afraid. Fall teases us now and then with some cool mornings. Birds are migrating so it is a sign that fall is near.

  5. Absolutely falling into Autumn around here... So much to enjoy.

  6. Wonderful photos! Fall is a glorious time of year!

  7. Great shots!! Love those little ladybirds...hope they are comfy for the winter!

    I love your pumpkin block with the kitty...too cute.

  8. My cousin used to have a cat once - poor little bugger

  9. What a fantastic shot! Snuggling in for a cozy view of the delights of fall!
    A great photo inspires stories!


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