Saturday, 1 May 2010


Click to play this Smilebox collage: Last weekend's batik
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  1. Am I the first to see your Smilebox? Well, your images certainly made me smile. I love your batiks, I can see that you will have lots of new fabrics to use in your next sewing projects and how nice that they will be totally unique.

  2. OMG! Can you come to my house and just make batiks for me?
    Each and every one is FABULOUS.

  3. wow...wonderful!!

    Batik is on my 'to do' list...
    well done for accomplishing that

  4. wow! that was fun!! I really love the pansies...

  5. eeeek! Just wanted you all to know I didn't do ALL of those - these were some of the group's efforts! I WISH!!!!!!

  6. Great stuff you all made! I'm going to heat up the beeswax again today.


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