Thursday, 6 May 2010


Last night my quilt group were informed about the opportunity to exhibit a body of work with the theme "Memories". This will take place in April 2011 at Trentham Gardens within the "Quilts In The Garden" show. 
It kept me awake most of the night. Memories of all sorts of events and feelings came back that haven't visited me for quite some time. Somehow with a piece of art in mind as a framework, with all it's restrictions and textural possibilities, a whole raft of reminiscences floated on a sea of dreams..

sometimes my dreams are like this... a button moon over a textured field...


  1. Lovely pictures too.

  2. Oh memories....some remembered and treasured and some forgotten.

  3. mad woman from cornwallFri May 07, 04:25:00 pm BST

    a ' textile ' poet !
    to be able to express memories, both good ,bad and indifferent through the medium of textiles and lovely stuff ,that you seem to find in places we just wouldn't think to look ,is a rare and original art indeed...
    can't wait to see your next chapter..
    am soooo lucky to have you as a friend


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