Monday, 19 April 2010

Some Spring Things

Sometimes the Slow Cloth gets a bit cerebral and a faster cloth must begin  as it's Spring these Japanese taupe flowery fabrics appeal - they are so finely woven and press so neatly.

These little fritillaries have emerged in the garden this week...

You can see why they are called "Snake's Head" as the buds emerge. I like the patchwork effect on the petals!

My daughter has a delightful moment the day before the new term at school. I think this is a green veined white butterfly.

My son even tames the beauty. I love the black and white striped antennae.

...and we discover a little robin sitting upon her clutch of four eggs in an old drawer in the potting shed.

How can we not feel gratitude?


  1. What lovely photos. I hve never seen a flower like the snakes head or a butterfly like this one. Both very unique and full of wonderment for me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What beautiful photos. I have heard of the fritillary being called Snake's Head before and now I know why. The robin and butterfly are real signs that Spring has arrived.

  3. Love those fratileries. My garden is slower than others. Shade, are fratileries have not yet fully grown.

  4. I find that changes in work-tempo are essential...

    Love this post, and am happy it's the first thing I'm reading on this bright, sunny spring day.

    Did you notice how the calico and the fritillary have a very similar pattern?!

  5. What beautiful photos! And such an array of nature!

  6. Thank you for the fritilary photo. I love these too. The tiny grape and cream colored checkered petals are obviously the work of quilting fairies! (at night you can hear their tiny elec. sewing machines whirring if you are very quiet...sounds an awful lot like crickets, but they are just making noise to cover for the fairies.) And bravo on your slow cloth pieces. They are lovely. xx J.

  7. I find I need the balance of small projects and big projects. The right tool for the right job...whatever right is. :)

    Love fritillaries. I have several patches in my garden.

  8. What a cute robin, I want one in my potting shed, if I had a potting shed that is.

    I love the snake's head fritillaries, they look so medieval.


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