Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Wombourne Quilters' Show 2010

The quilt group that I belong to had our exhibition last weekend. There was a terrific response from the group and the public who came to see it!

What a show! Congratulations to all Wombourne Quilters and thank you for all the support and hard work that has been put in.

Firstly the work itself - most important - lots of comments about the beautiful quality and high standard with particular reference to the workmanship and use of colour. So stop running yourselves down and be proud of what you can achieve! One lady said that she thought it was the best show she had seen for a while (she was talking about the quality of the work), several were inspired to try for themselves and perhaps the funniest was the lady who said she could not look any more because it was all too good - actually she stayed for a long time and did look very carefully and intently at many of the pieces.

The Workshop section was very popular with interest in the pieces made and the workshops that had been put on. People also loved the demonstrations and enjoyed the fact that they could see techniques and work in progress at first hand. And we must admit that the 'Cakes' were mentioned favourably several times, those that stitch obviously love their cake.

Lots of comments about the friendly and welcoming atmosphere. One lady came all the way from Stratford (by bus and train) and stayed nearly all day on Saturday and she had a long chat about how it was lovely to talk to everyone and see the work close up. I was pleased to see that many men had been dragged in as well and that they were looking at the quilts with interest and one or two asked about technique. Now there's a first. 

The Visitors Choice vote made everyone look closely and the comments were often that they thought they had found their favorite and then turned a corner and there was another beautiful quilt! It was difficult for them to make a decision. Jayne Spark's beautiful 'Canadian Bears'  was very popular and received the most votes and Jayne won a box of threads and things donated by Empress Mills. Well done Jayne!

Lots of us took photos I know and we are hoping to have a look at as many as possible at our next meeting.

Once again, well done everyone. More pictures to come in another post....


  1. Looks like a great exhibition Clare! Only wish I had been nearer.

  2. Looks like there were lots of lovely things!

  3. Glad the event went well. Looks great from the photographs


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