Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Normally he's quite a quilter but he's getting the technology bug....

....Just showing how the cat helped me to learn Photoshop. He's dedicated to lying on the table and demonstrating how to press random buttons leading to mass confusion all around. Thanks Smartie!

My daughter has entered fully tonight into preparation for the competition at school to make an egg into a popstar!! I'm glad there are no longer nuns at her school - they'd have 40 fits!!


  1. Oh I bet you have a lot of fun with photoshop! Cats are so much help with it too... Good luck to your daughter!

  2. always wanted photoshop, smeday!!
    Love the egg cup idea, I do hope she wins.!
    Have fun

  3. Of course, he's writting his autobiography when you're not there. Great eggs! Shouldn't Lady GaGa be eGaeGa instead? :-) Hope she wins.

  4. Oh I miss those soft little paws!! We haven't had a cat for over a year now :-(

    Great eggs...I miss all that now I've retired.

  5. I remember decorating eggs all kinds of ways when the kids were growing up. I still like to make cascaronnes (confetti eggs), they are so colorful.

  6. Good luck to your daughter! Love those kitty paws! I can sometimes get a photo of my kitty quilter but usually she is too fast for me to take a photo of her using the computer, although I have seen it.

  7. I must need to rent your cat, because my learning curve with photoshop is non-existant!!!
    What a cute pic!


  8. Your daughter sounds like quite a character, I love her Lady GaGa egg!

  9. Just love those eggs. She should win with those. Why do cats always want to lie on the buttons that you are trying to press?


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