Thursday, 7 January 2010

Old Sweethearts - Reworking in a Slow Cloth

I have been thinking about our hearts and their similarity to quilt making and fabric selecting.
Hearts need carefully selected mates and must blend together well...they may get raggedy sometimes but can be mended with a little care and attention. To keep two hearts together needs patience and coaxing.
Sometimes two hearts are not fitting together like they used to and this needs perspective, some work, a little teasing and easing...and a sense of humour.

Sometimes a heart is patched and then cut again and then eventually re-attached and renewed. These old sweethearts are from a frayed and torn quilt piece from Cornwall which I am reworking into a slow beating cloth and allowing to fray, or sometimes couching for more definition.
It is a heart transplant.

There is a fabulous discussion going on at the moment on Jude Hill's Blog - Spiritcloth - (see sidebar) regarding Slow Cloth and hand work. It is a real community uprising!

... meanwhile this shot was on the school run where the temperature dropped to -16.5 degrees.


  1. i am now considering a piece that features a heart left out n the cold...
    thanks for your mention and thanks for your heart stories...

  2. Very nice heart work! As for the weather...brrr!

  3. These are lovely, particularly the heart transplant!

  4. more than an uprising...a rising up as well

  5. Love the heart thoughts and pieces. So cold there. We are dipping into the 20's here, cold enough for me.

  6. Love the hearts and that photo of the snow is, simply, gorgeous!!But I'm still glad I'm not there!!Stay warm..

  7. I love your hearts. The first one reminds me of "flower child" fabric from the 60's or 70's, always a good choice. What will this turn into? I am curious.

  8. Nice link, I like Jude's work very much.

    Hope you stay warm also!


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