Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Patched Landscape

Stitching the detail on these fields is a wonderful opportunity to manipulate texture and pattern. England still has much of it's patchwork landscape and I have enjoyed using this idea of Ineke Berlyn's from her workshop last week.
The background is foundation pieced using hand-dyed fabrics and scraps of silk (a joy to stitch on), plus little pieces of old clothing and some wispy bits of scrim.

There will be trees added at a later stage with sheers.

It looks like another snowy day and my daughter's school may be closed so we can stitch and chat together. She's eight years old and has caught the sewing bug. At the moment she has an obsession with making stuffed creatures from stripy socks!

My son, meanwhile, who is nearly eleven (mustn't say ten!) is on an Outward Bound Activity Week in Snowdonia. Apparently they have been cross country skiing, sledging, snowballing, snowman making, walking and generally bonding as a class together.

We have another few inches of snow and the prospect of a clear sunny day with it again today.
Let's light the fire!


  1. The landscape fabric colors are lovely. Is it called "sashicko" stitching you are using in places? I'm not sure how to spell it but I have heard of this type of stitching once before that looks like rice. I ven heard they have a machine that will do it now.

  2. Snowdonia is so beautiful. I'm sure he will find a yeti or something abominable up there in this weather!

  3. Wonderful fabric and stitching!

  4. Hi Yvonne - My stitching is just a running stitch, since you enquired, which is as Sashiko is. But I'd say mine was more in the spirit of Kantha stitching ... x

    Jasmine - I think the snow is really deep there tonight - at least they are not camping out!

  5. i like what you have done here...

  6. This is great! My corner of the world also has a lot of patchwork in areas, down in the valleys where the agriculture is.


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