Monday, 4 January 2010

Painting the New Year, Zentangles and a Starting Point

New Year's Eve was so special for a number of reasons. Firstly we were in Cornwall near the sea with good friends and the children. Secondly there was a fabulous full moon (a Blue Moon) over the sea and thirdly the children lit paper lanterns and sent them sailing to the heavens with their secret wishes.
The frost still lay upon the ground and the moon lit the grassy mounds. It was rare and beautiful.

Today I played with paper, colour and monotone. I have been interested to read in "Cloth Paper Scissors" about the art of "Zentangle".
It's very therapeutic, works nicely in a journal and allows freedom and play. Here is my first. There is no need for words at all, there are no rules but the guidelines can be found at  the size of pattern is generally 3.5" square - small enough for one a day.

Here I have been preparing a background for some creative stitching ... more to come. I'm glad I've started because the ideas keep me awake at night until I begin!
I love the way the frost has played on these parchment like hydrangea flowers today. The grass is so hard under foot it is like walking on eggshells! The night is clear again and we are expected to wake to -7 degrees tomorrow.


  1. I love those lanterns, my first time to see them this year above our house on New Years Eve, we had the same blue moon in a clear sky. Luck you to be in Cornwall!

  2. Uh oh...careful Those Zentangles can become addictive.
    Yours is outstanding! I can almost feel the undulation you created.

  3. \the picture of the moon is bold and beautiful. A great design for textiles. I'm playing with a sketchbook journal right now. Its no something I've done before but its nice to doodle deigns.

  4. Those lanterns are great..but my daughter wasn't allowed them at her wedding reception in case they set the trees and fields Sept. in Wales!!Very sad.
    The frost and snow are making some wonderful photos but I'm sure you're all getting very fed up with it now!
    Zentangles, doodles?? I don't think I need something else to while away the hours....
    Looking forward to seeing your next project. Take care.

  5. A starting off of great promise, I´m sure... - + thank you for you good wishes...

  6. Your moon and trees piece reminds me of a piece I'm working on now to remember the blue moon of new years eve. My husband cut me some little rounds from his tree trimmings that I will drill holes and make buttons out of and add to my piece. The blue moon really inspired me. Love all your photos and the the thought of paper lanterns being aloft is so excitiing...I have never seen that!

  7. Isn't it wonderful to have so many ideas!

  8. The picture you have the quilting shimmers! I love it. How do you keep the fabric at theintersections of the square (threadlines) from getting tucked. Any tips besides excellent basting?

  9. Everything you do is so amazingly beautiful, and your comments at mine reassuringly sarcastic. Love it x

  10. I had no idea it could get that cold there! Love your blog, by the way!

  11. That first little heart drew me in right away! Thanks for the inspiration!


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