Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Tile Inspired Quilt

At a workshop this weekend with Bobby Britnell we were taking inspiration from tiles to make a textile piece. I used the Minton tiles in my hallway for my source as I love the colours and am honoured to have this original Victorian flooring.
I used the colours rather than the shapes. The blue colouring is the most rare of the Minton shades and were bought by wealthier people. It was very much a matter of showing off with one's flooring in a hallway. The backs of houses were always plain. It was what was on view that counted!
In the slideshow you can see the original tiles, the working ideas on paper and the finished piece which is about 10" square.


  1. What a great source for inspiration. The color blue has so much intriguing history. Your piece has such great colors and shapes. It must have been a fun and energizing class to take, to glean something so new and different, tiles always remind me of quilt blocks.

  2. Hi Clare. Don't have an email addy for you so to answer your question: the black outlines are what's left of an underpainting. We paint up close to the cut edges but leave a bit of black showing. xo

  3. That is beautiful! Beautiful work and the inspiration is perfect.

  4. Oh I love those tiles. The house I grew up in had them and a couple were loose, they clicked as you walked over them. Such a unique noise I can still hear it now.
    Love the overstitching on your colours.

  5. Interesting work, love using tiles as inspiration. Oddly enough, I have been using tiles in my paste paper work.

  6. How wonderful to have this source of inspiration in your own home. The quilt is lovely. Glad you like my quilt, lucky you to have an original piece of Spirit Cloth.


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