Monday, 21 September 2009

Moving on from the finished paper quilt...

It's so interesting and infinite what one can generate from a finished piece. Well is it finished? I thought so but when I started manipulating the photo I took of this paper quilt in Photoshop I can see that this could just be the start of a whole ongoing series stretching to the ends of the Universe!

Simple really. I used the pencil crayon filter and then the liquify filter and ended up with a piece that looks for all the world like totally crazy free embroidery based on a loose Paisley design. This could be printed on to fabric and stitched...
Finally a shot taken from another angle and "pencil crayoned".


  1. Fun! I want elements for Christmas this year. :)

  2. I love the swirly one in the middle, it looks like oil on water or something in silk perhaps.

  3. Love your paper quilt! I'm doing a series, finished one and publish it today in my blog.


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