Friday, 25 September 2009

A Slow Cloth - snail's pace

I have really enjoyed hand sewing this piece on my travels (e.g. children's swimming lessons, waiting in car at school etc.). It's crazy quilting but instead of using the bright colours of most crazy patches I have used some recycled plains in linen, cotton and silk. They have a nice mixture of texture but are calming in colour. It's like a little snail on the crazy paving. The central design I doodled on my sewing machine and coloured using Pitt pens (dye based). The backing is some soft green silk. The finshed piece is 8"x 8".

Whilst in the garden this morning I was followed by a lovely Comma butterfly who basked in the warm Autumn sunshine. I hope he survives the winter...


  1. lovely.....and that butterfly looks like it is made of cloth....

  2. wow clare, what a beautiful blog you have here... i am smiling...

    : )

  3. You know, that's the best kind of snail.

    Beautiful photo of the butterfly.

  4. Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog, and now I have found yours! It's great. Wonderful things.

  5. Just lovely, and I do so like the idea of SLOW. Just what I need right now, but I am only managing about ten minutes each day, before the light finally fades.


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