Monday, 27 April 2009

Crazy Cat

I am sooooooo pleased......

I have made this Crazy Cat patch today with huge thanks to Jude at Spirit Cloth for the inspiration and whose blog is my favourite of all. I find it hard to work out exactly how she does things but this idea was too much fun to not try.

I have liked the idea of crazy quilting for a while but when I look at those quilts they can overwhelm me with pattern and colour. In this there is a 3" crazy block which is mellowed by peaceful plain linen to make up a 9" one. The crazy colours are from my stash of hand dyed cotton and silks (hmmm silk...must get more because it's the loveliest fabric of all). The linen is from a linen suit from TK Maxx which I never wore and nearly threw out many times over the years. Finally it has had the chop! The legs and head are from some Japanese lineny fabric bought some time ago. So it's all nice and thrifty! The head is turned applique and the embroidery is DMC in two and three strands. I want to do more and make a quilt - it was very satisfying!


I have rhubarb the size of triffids in the allotment and I made some scrummy chutney from it yesterday c/o a recipe by Monty Don.

The colours in the pan with the ginger, sugar and red wine vinegar were mouthwatering.

The finished product is excellent with crusty bread and cheddar for lunch. Good old Monty Don - I love a man who says he is "born to dig".

Meanwhile the chicken patches were satin stitched late last night as I'm going through a not sleeping phase again. Might as well sew as be bored in bed!


  1. wonderful cat. I find CQ can be a bit overwhelming - so i like the way it is contained and controlled in the block.

  2. Your cat is wonderful and I agree, Jude's blog is so inspiring... maybe you could share your rhubarb chutney recipe, it sounds delicious!

  3. Oh that's lovely!

  4. Your cat is great, you must be so pleased. When I first saw it on Sprit Cloth I started dreaming about a whole quilt of them but I'm afraid it will remain a dream but now you've made a start......

  5. What a charming cat. I like all the different textures and colors. So nice and Jude would be pleased.

  6. What a great cat you've created...wonderful!

  7. I love your cat - so cute.
    and your rhubarb does look delicious

    I saw the title of your blog on someone else's and was inspired to pop on over. Lovely work.

  8. I love your cat! It's adorable!

  9. OK clare, now is the time to commission. You are truly talented. Can you come up with something for our God daughter (very special, lots of heritage, needs discussing) and again for her brother/sister due in Dec? I'm serious. Always bowled over with all that you manage...No worries if it's not what you do but so exciting if you do! MH

  10. Very nice cat - I adore those yellow and orange shades on its body!

  11. The cat is adorable. Cheddar with chutney and crusty bread sounds scrumptious. Put the teapot on --- I'll be right over! :D

  12. Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb!!I made 14 jars of marmalade last week... and lemon curd. All I want is rhubarb!


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