Saturday, 2 May 2009

Cat Two

OK these Crazy Cats could become a bit of an obsession. This is number two now and number three has a body under the sewing machine so wait up!
This one will end up looking down at a mouse or spider. Isabel (7) says it should be a story and end up with a very fat exploding cat with all it's threads frayed on the last block having eaten various other animals. Don't kids just love a nice bit of gore?

I'm looking forward to the Malvern Quilt Show in two weeks because I need some silk (need being a word which stitchers will understand to mean lusting after in a hugely worrying way) from The Silk Route or Mulberry Silks. This fabric is so lovely to work with and I like the contrast between its sheen and the matte nubbiness of linen. By the way I now go into charity shops with eyes peeled for linen trousers. Very nice to cut up and make into something far more useful like this (ha ha).

I received these two lovely prints from Kit Eastman this week on her "give away". I am fascinated by her dyeing processes - I've never seen anything like it before - she uses natural pigments with soy milk as the binder and stencils and also soy paste. I like to keep going to her site to see what she is up to.

Here is a little selection of some purpleness in my garden this afternoon - hopefully most of it is still there after Tom (10) played football with a neighbour.


  1. the exploding cat reminds me of our kitchen after the meat packing. yuck!
    and i do know what you mean about needing threads and fabric

  2. I am not a big cat fan, but that block is incredible!

  3. Your little cat blocks are just too cute for words. What a great way to use up a bunch of snippets...
    Anxious to see more of the 'litter'.

  4. The cat is great.
    I've startind to buy linen clothes from the bazaars here, some long skirts in fab colours, indigo and one sour lime, trousers in browns and cream. They're wonderful and I've realised there's loads around.They'll be brilliant to work with.

  5. lookin' good. addictive isn't it?

  6. Oh I do like the sound of a story of cats eating things rahter like the little old lady who swallowed a fly!
    I didn't think of buying linen trousers duh! I buy old shirts for the cotton and jeans for the denim, what better way to get linen. Hmmm .... we are off to Glasgow tomorrow! Thanks for the tip!

  7. Hey, those kitties look fabulous. I'm so glad you liked your snippets of my katazome. Enjoy your fabric hunting!


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