Friday, 24 April 2009

I Love Chickens (Just another fetish).

I love chickens and would like to have the space to be able to keep some. Since I can't have the real thing I'll have to make do with fabric ones. I've started a new quilt with a theme to satisfy this fetish!

There are various roosters and chooks around the house and this will be the next addition.

Isabel (7) has got into the bird a patchwork background idea too. Today she has entered a competition in the RSPB Junior magazine which involves drawing some wildlife. She chose to do a red-backed shrike which we have sent off in the certainty (?) she'll win this one. We've never won a competition before so we are working on the law of averages!

Meanwhile it's roast chicken tonight with lemon and rosemary.

Well we can't be romantic about our feathered friends all the time can we?


  1. Love those chickens, and Isabel I want to wish you best of luck your drawing is fabulous. Great job!

  2. Good luck with the competition! We looked after the neighbours' chickens last week and now we want our own ....

  3. I look forward to seeing more of your feathery friends...........

  4. LOVE your chickens; I, too wish I lived where could have chickens..maybe one day! For now waht a wonderful idea--create my own! I just luv your blog!!


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