Monday, 16 March 2009

Squeezing Things In

I haven't posted for a while. Real life takes over sometimes and there's no time for Blogland fantasies.

Less time still for craftiness (you know which kind I mean) but an afternoon was found to visit the Sewing For Pleasure exhibition at the N.E.C. with Isabel (age 7) on the proviso that I take her into the fair next door organised by Hobbycraft.
There was this superb scene all in wool called the Picknit featuring Shaun the Sheep with his knitted iPod and a huge picnic of knitted goodies which we spent ages looking at.

Even the cups and saucers and the whole BBQ were done in wool!
I tried to linger over some favourite sellers like Oliver Twists and Steff Francis but Izi was desperate to get amongst the glitter and rubber stamps next door so my time was limited somewhat (great for the purse though).
Anyway we had a lovely afternoon out and a long wish list each for next time!
Izi has at last finished her embroidery and made up the cushion featuring her rabbit - and oh, how sweet given it to her elder brother. What's she after I wonder? (I suspect his Walkie Talkies).

I still must finish off my Crow quilt - just the hanging sleeve to go - that will be on the next posting I hope.

Meanwhile I dream of stitching....


  1. shaun the sheep is wonderful. i love the knitted bbq (I hope those were not lamb chops on the barbie!).

    i am fond of oliver twists and staf francis too.

    Tell Isabel her cushion is wonderful, and i hope her brother appreciates it 9and gives her what she wants!)

  2. LOve Shaun having picnic! It is one of the programs I can stand to watch together with the kids, so much fun!

  3. I just found your blog and you have some wonderful stuff here. Lots of great work. Really cute. Thannks!

  4. that is a marvelous knitted picnic. but where's Gromit? very fun.


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