Wednesday, 18 March 2009

A New Felt Bag and A Brainwave

At last a day at home. Isn't it wonderful when you can combine some of the necessities of life with what you really WANT to do.

In between hanging out the washing and answering the phone for work I decided I NEEDED to make another felt bag. Lots of people have commented on the last one (see previous post) that I thought I'd sell the next one! Here is the colour scheme and there's going to be a big rose on it as before.
The main part of the bag is made and drying - so watch this space!

It's a beautiful spring day and I have had a brainwave about my greenhouse. I was lamenting the lack of staging - mine has fallen apart and it's SO expensive.
My thrifty idea was a greenhouse within a greenhouse. I bought one of those little clip together affairs and have stood it inside the main greenhouse. It was only £19.99 and provides enough room for all the seedlings and, what is more, it can be collapsed and put away when the tomato plants grow big in the borders. Real staging costs upwards of £75 so I can spend that money on something else now (woman's logic)!
So far the broad beans, purple broccoli and cabbages are doing well but there's loads more to get sowing.
This is a very beautiful erythromium - it grows in semi shaded areas.


  1. hi Clare, added you to the doodle day blog :D you should have an invite from blogger now. :D

  2. good idea about the bag, I think. its funny I spend my days trying to work out a cheap solution for a collapsible shade house for the veggie garden so we can grow lettuce and tomatoes in summer, when we want to eat them. a glass house, here, would work like a solar oven - sun-dried tomatoes anyone?

  3. I have always wanted a greenhouse. In California, I didn't need one. But up here in Seattle our weather is like you find in Scotland (or so my hubby says) chilly, wet, cold and very little sun. Love your ideas.

  4. Your greenhouse idea is brilliant and will work perfectly. The erythromium is lovely, as is Izi's cushion, clever girl. That knitted picnic is great fun and your felt bag with that gorgeous rose is wonderful. Happy felting and gardening.

  5. you produce such lovely pieces, and must have very good eyes. i love to sew but find it very tiring on my poor eyes. who now have to sport glasses at such times.
    keep up the stress busting work.

  6. Great idea for the greenhouse. I'm setting a version of one up this spring for my tomatoes. I hope it helps. :)

    Felting is so much fun. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


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