Thursday, 5 March 2009

Felt Bag and Rose Completed!

My first attempt at a felt bag and it's lovely rose is finished and I am so pleased. I thought the flower would be really tricky but it was surprisingly easy.

Life is so busy but I made the rose felt whilst cooking tea for the children and I last night (OK so the pasta might have tasted of olive oil soap rather than olive oil but hey...) and then I stitched it together when they had gone off to bed.

I just need to find somewhere nice to go and show it off now....hmmmm.

You can see the journey of this bag on last weeks Blog.

I can't wait to make another now but I've got a couple of almost finished projects that I must do first before launching into yet another adventure!


  1. Your bag is really lovely, that rose is FABULOUS!!

  2. Beautiful, I hope you find somewhere really super to use it.

  3. Well done, that looks so difficult, the rose is beautiful.
    Hope to see you making more.

  4. Both bags are gorgeous, the rose and the patchwork one with the buttons. I am very impressed with your rose, it sounds a bit like alchemy this felting business.

  5. Clare, I really love this bag,you are obviously queen of the multi taskers! If that was me, I would have got into a terrible pickle!x

  6. Pam your bag is beyond words.... It is absolute;y gorgeous.
    I have not done a lot of wet felting.. It leaves me with so much pain!!!! Am I out of shape or what??!!
    You have inspired me to do some more though..
    Thanks so much,

  7. My sister Nektareeni would so love this beautiful rose bag!

  8. Your rose is very beautiful. Marika Hungary

  9. very pretty. can't wait to see what other crafts you made. I found you through millennium housewife.

  10. Oh, the comment I made seems to have been lost ...

    Anyway, I justed wanted to say that your bag and the rose is absolutely fantastic - I just can't believe you're a beginner on this ... it's perfect!

    I'd love to be able to felt a rose like this - please give us a hint on how you made it, so we can at least have a little try ...!


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