Friday, 27 February 2009

Wet Felting

At Christmas I bought my friend and I a felt bag making kit each from Gillian Gladrags. We have spent a day making the bags from the kits. They are not finished yet but I thought I'd show the fun we've had.

We each started with a selection of Merino wool tops. Mine will eventually be a black bag with white spots and a felt rose and Tracy's is lime green with grey spots and lots of felt flowers.

I have only done a little wet felting and Tracy was a virgin felter (!)
The instructions were pretty clear though but we had to follow them carefully.

Here are various stages of laying out and soaping up.

At this stage we had some borscht (see previous post) outside in the garden and some nice cheese! Then it was back to the felt therapy.
After much tittering, rubbing, giggling, rolling, snorting and general hilarity two reasonably bag shaped articles were coaxed from the fleece. I have made a long handle as well but we'll need another day for the flowers - probably because some of Tracy's morning was interrupted by having to tow her broken down husband (and his car) to a garage. Anyway eventually my tote might look like this: (ish)

If you want a kit this is the website:

Tracy brought along the wonderful quilted bag she has just made. She's such a neat stitcher.
Anyway what a great stress-busting day it was. We both have lovely soft clean hands now from the olive oil soap and the lanolin in the wool. It's been great exercise for those flabby upper arms (known as Bingo Wings).
Neither of us have clean houses though. Who needs that?


  1. What a lovely day, and good luck with finishing the bag.

  2. looks like you both had fun, bags are looking great :-)

  3. Very nice, clever yous! House cleaning can always wait.....

  4. Looks like good fun. Bah to clean houses...


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