Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Pancake and The Moon (What a great title for a children's book that might make)....

Yes I know I'm a little bonkers but today is pancake day (Shrove Tuesday to posh folk) and also a New Moon. To make up for the lack of lunar presence in the sky I made a Loony Pancake. The Sea of Sugar is on the top left and the Ocean of Lemon Juice bottom right.
I told you the moon phases has an effect on this already addled brain.
Ok and where is the stitching I hear you cry! Yes well I am binding the crow quilt at a snail's pace and am too embarrassed to show you quite how slow so you'll have to keep hanging on to the edge of your seats ha, ha, as if....
Mind you normally I give up hope for Lent but this time I am not having any alcohol so I may be stitching until 3am for forty days and forty nights you never know!
Looking forward to making some felt on Friday and some hand dying on Saturday so it may be worth coming back!!


  1. I think you should write that children's book and illustrate it with pieces of pancake - a lot would need to be made, and eaten!. I love your recipe from your previous blog and will try that as Raymond (my husband) always grows enough to feed an army. I will try the recipe. Good luck with the veg plot plans.

  2. Your pancake looks good enough to eat!! Great idea for the childrens book and I'll be back later to check on the felt and dyeing. Hope your Mum is well and I am sure she still gets great comfort from your company even if she doesn't communicate very much now. It takes some getting used to, doesn't it?

  3. It's me again, in response to your comment on my blog. I'm just off out to buy some steel wool. I wonder if my rust will be more interesting as the white vinegar I bought is spiced for pickling!!


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