Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Rain and Snow

Yes it's very hard trying to think out a little piece entitled "Rain" when there's 6" of snow on the ground and you've just been sledging for the first time in years!

This is part of my challenge though and with stiff upper lip I have to soldier (or solder) on.
The challenge is explained in my last post. I am using Lutrador so far for these efforts as I haven't tried it before and I bought a little roll way back last August (seemed like a good idea at the time sort of thing -- you know what these stitching / quilting fairs are like on the purse).
So it's Lutrador painted with watercolours (Indigo being quite a favourite with me at the moment) and then the raindrops stitched. Then I cut out the raindrops with my soldering iron (also bought at the Knitting and Stitching show past September when it seemed oh oh so essential, lying in a drawer since then).

The little piece 6 x4" is then stitched around the edge to hold a crystal organza fabric behind it to give the rain drops some shimmer. Mind you I liked some of the stages along the way too...

We are having some of the best snow in the UK for the last 18 years so I have been having fun in the garden making snowmen etc. and feeding the birds who are struggling. This little home looks cozy...

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  1. Glad you are enjoying the snow... Personally I hate winter in general....However novel for you tiresome for me!!!!
    I am longing for daffodils!!


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