Friday, 30 January 2009

Blue Chair

Today I have quickly finished the little Blue Chair postcard before taking the children to school.

The reason behind this little piece is a challenge set by Suzanne at Heb Art which is simply a title a month - do what you will with it. See

I have used a Lutrador background with watercolour paint and felt pen background, a cotton chair and cushion and a stamp for a picture hanging on the wall. The stamp and chair are appliqued on and sewn.

My chair is an imaginary comfy chair, rather kitch and overstuffed in a slightly "camp" room. Note the stamp has Little Britain "Ladies" on it. Why I have done a camp background ?- hmmmmm I just don't know - but the instructions were for the first thing that came in to our heads.

More blue here - none of my house is blue really (except the laundry) but I'm very keen on indigos and sludgy blues in 2009. I have made the background for my next Moon series (see earlier posts).

I have a cunning (and very silly idea) for the Moon on this... but you have to wait for that!!

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  1. Your blue chair postcard is beautiful and makes me want to curl up in it with a nice cuppa and a good book. Interesting that you sleep badly at new and full moon. I seem to have more energy at new moon, and discovered last year that seeds sown then germinate faster than those sown later in the cycle. Looking forward to your next moon piece.


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