Tuesday, 27 January 2009

New Moon, Blue Chair

Again there was a New Moon last night and I slept badly. The cat also slept badly and decided that it was playtime at 3.30am and so disturbed me with her frantic dashing around the bedroom chasing mythical mice. I continue to be interested, though, on the effect of the Moon's phase on our health and well-being - I know I seem to sleep badly at Full and New Moon. I use a little website to calculate what the Moon is up to. http://www.dacre.net/moon/moonphase.html
I am making a patch a month in fabric to log the Moon and what's going on in my life. I have begun to plan February's (left) as I have noticed that the full Moon, and indeed a partial eclipse, will be on the 9th when my son celebrates his 10th birthday.

Oh yes and my "Loony" cat, Daisy, helped too!

The other commitment I have made is to make a little piece to a title each month. Helen Suzanne at Heb Art Journal has a challenge which sounds interesting. She supplies a title and off we go with the first thing that comes to mind according to it. This month's title was "Blue Chair" and here is my sketch of a comfy one in my imagination - I am going to make a little fabric postcard based on the sketch when I have a moment.

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