Sunday, 25 January 2009

Moon Series, Tulles and Sheers

I went on a fabulous workshop with Ineke Berlyn yesterday and made this scene with some of my hand-dyed fabrics, some shared fabrics and some sheers. It is on a base of white organza with some pink very fine grade tulle over the top machine-stitched in purple and gold threads. I am very pleased with the result and want to do more utilising this technique.

Here is a picture which shows the layers better, but I am waiting for some sun to come out. The picture is in an acrylic frame and can stand on the window sill to get the full effect of the sun shining through (some day soon please!). Here is the class in action - we are the Embroiderers' Guild.

...and here is my new Bernina (pride and joy) in action at 6.30 this morning because I couldn't wait to finish it!

I have also been working at the Moon Series and have posted a picture of the first patch of 12 monthly Lunar influenced pictures for the following year's slow cloth. The moon is shining above the Pitons which are two very magnificent mountains which rise abruptly out of the sea in Lucia where we were in January (see last posts). I have put the Pitons in cotton velvet which feels lovely and the moon is discharged with bleach on a cotton woven fabric background.

This year I am collecting various patterns in photo and sketch for future use. This is a photo of our Victorian hall tiles which would be a patchworker's dream!

Here is the window of our front door. You don't need to go far for inspiration!

Then if you've got a moment click on this link to watch a heart warming video set to music by Tonya Davis with art by Andrea Dorfman :)


  1. I really like your village scene. it reminds me of something or some artist - but i cant what. I like it very much.

  2. Don't you just love your new Bernina? Thanks for leaving a comment on my new blog. Nice to have a visitor from The Olde Country! Cheers!

  3. Hi Claire,
    Thanks for that - it looks perfect!
    I enjoyed my day with the group - you all worked so well and hard and its allways good to see the results.
    Have a look at my blog:imagineke. - I think.

  4. No wonder you are pleased with your beautiful village. Goreous colour combination.

  5. lovely blog!! i back my brooches with black mountboard sealed with upva. cheers x

  6. I agree the village scene is wonderful, and what a gorgeous work space you have!

    It's great that you've come on board for the "today's title" blog :D would you email me with your email address so that I can invite you to be a blog team member - then you can post up. cheers

  7. Your workshop quilt is beautiful. You'll be doing even bigger and better ones now with that new Bernina! I love the Victorian tiles - they remind me of some we had in our porch when we lived in a Victorian house.

  8. Hello! I found you through Todays Title is .... I have also attended this workshop with Ineke and thought it was really wonderful. She was so inspiring and generous with her ideas. Did she have all her sketch books with her, they were amazing ~ Judy


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