Thursday, 5 February 2009

Pretending To Be Snowed In (such a good excuse for a stitching fest)

There is quite a sprinkling of snow here but I am pretending it's about 6 feet deep and as I'm not at work today it's a jolly good excuse to sew.

This half finished quilt top has been hanging around for ages now and I got inspired to add the second row today. There's another row of three blocks to add and then I can wash my hands of blanket stitch for ever!

I think it will measure about 5 feet square when it is finished.

So God, if you're listening, can we have another dump of the white stuff tonight so that I can continue tomorrow. Thanks.

I couldn't resist taking some photos by the canal at Brewood this morning after the school run, but I only had my phone with me as a camera - not bad really. It was so peaceful down there - I love the way the snow mutes the air.


  1. lovely quilt. Snow, a good excuse to get things done that you wouldn't normally give yourself permission to do. Managed to get a google account, not worked out how to set up a blog yet. J

  2. Great photo - we're sweltering here, what a contrast - great progress on your quilt!

  3. that photo of the canal is superb!

  4. Hi Clare,

    Thanks for your cheery words, love your quilt, especially the surface stitching, it looks very tactile and , well, "stitchy" for the want of a better word!


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