Sunday, 8 February 2009

Moon Series (February) and Crows Quilt

February's full moon is tomorrow, February 9th. In the Moon Series 2009 I have depicted this here. It's a very special full moon as it is a partial eclipse and is on my son's 10th birthday both of which deserve a stitch or two (hundred)!

This was my first attempt at needle turn applique and a stab at couching on the candle flame.

I do so enjoy the rhythm of Kantha stitching and the pleated effect on the fabric which it produces. This piece uses linen, cotton and silk and my favourite Sashiko needle!

I have enjoyed the idea of a nine patch becoming a ten, just like Tom.

He isn't having a party as he is in the cast of Evita at the theatre at the moment so he's extremely busy and I am very proud of him.

My daughter is also shaping up and can be seen here with her friend dancing along to Yul Brynner in "The King and I" yesterday! So much better than "High School Musical"!

Whilst they were so gainfully employed I finally finished the blanket stitch on the "As The Crow Flies" quilt - all it need is to be pieced together.

I do like all this snow because I can stitch and stitch ....


  1. Thank you for visiting and your kind comment on my blog, Clare.

    Your Moon Series is very interesting! I like the different ways you depict the moon and surrounding area.

    We love to look at the moon here, too.

  2. Hello Clare, thanks so much for your nice words on my blog ... pleased to meet you .. your quilts are wonderful!

  3. I love the stitching on your moon phases Clare. The colours work so well together too. Best wishes Tricia

  4. Goodmorning Claire,
    Thanks for popping by my blog..
    Thought i would come see what you are doing now. Love the Moon quilt The stitching is awesome.. Love it
    Love the whole concept... Nice work..

  5. I love your full moon work!

  6. When I was young, the best thing about snow was being out in in. Now it's, as you say, a jolly good reason for being indoors.

    I've been very disturbed the last couple of nights with the full moon. I think it affects quite a few people. New moon is OK for me, though, I think. I shall have to monitor it more closely.

    I should add that we have no curtains, but perched above a small cliff as we are, that makes no odds. However it does allow the moon light to stream in, unfettered.


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