Sunday, 14 December 2008

Young Quilter

My seven year old daughter has made a quilt for Teddy. It's very US of A! She picked the fabric and pieced the little quilt in the Summer holidays and we have just made it up. How lovely, her knees don't creek when she gets off the floor from pinning it! Lucky young thing!

Teddy has had a lovely afternoon in the laundry basket basking in his snuggly bed.

He and the rest of the family are being subjected to non-stop Christmas CDs so he'll be taking a Paracetamol shortly.

Meanwhile I have got the last of the Christmas gifts bought whilst older son was at The Games Workshop playing his beloved (and totally unintelligable to women) Warhammer. Christmas can now roll on, but I might just see if I can curl up in the laundry basket too for a bit first.

These are our local Christmas lights. The whole area looks very pretty at this time of year.


  1. Teddy's quilt is great - your daughter did a great job.
    i made the mistake of getting the christmas cd out - paracetamol all round then.

  2. Your local Christmas lights are lovely and very tasteful - ours look alright after dark but during the day are quite garish. You must be proud of your daughter's achievement with Teddy's quilt, he's a very lucky bear - hope the headaches have gone, but there is still a week or more to go yet!!


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