Monday, 8 December 2008

Snowy Tree Therapy

Some days don't run as according to plan as one would hope.

In the past 24 hours I have attempted to make a loaf of bread in the breadmaker without the stirring paddle inserted, which gave the house a delicious scent of rice pudding, but did not produce anything remotely resembling a loaf nor anything else at all edible.

I then put my blender wand in the cake mix instead of my electric hand whisk and wandered why I couldn't cream the butter and sugar very well.

I also had a less than satisfactory time at work for one reason and another (NOT this time due to my dippiness).

Anyway I have had some stitching therapy tonight and made another brooch which I enjoy doing. I wonder if I can sell them? Maybe I could just do this all day long and stay more sane instead of beckoning the early onset dimentia with quite the enthusiasm I did today...

Oh yes and then I played around with Photoshop (must get an instruction book) and sketched this tree. Must also get more blonde highlights because I can't remember how I did it.


  1. Divine, and incredibly intricate. I clicked for a closer look. Astonishing.

  2. The brooch is beautiful and I am sure would sell.

  3. Wonderful, wish I had Photoshop, did have Elements till computer broke...

  4. Love your blog - you brightened up my day. Glad I'm not the only one who does dippy things :)
    Love your work too - really good.

  5. Hello, I have just found your lovely blog. As for Photoshop, I think a night class for beginners is best, unless you are good at following instructions from a book? I tried the book way but even the most simple are very wordy, think video instructions times one hundred! Maybe your local college has a class? That way you take things one step at a time.

    You could have a little Etsy shop for your brooches, they would sell I am sure, also prints from your work.

  6. Wow! Love the brooch, so intricate. The colors a great too!

  7. I just love your little tree designs - so simple yet so complete somehow. You are probably trying to remember too many things at once and are 'overloaded'.


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