Saturday, 4 October 2008

I felt the rain ...

As the rain beats down on the roof window of my little work room I can post the picture that I have created from some of the felts from 21st Century Yarns that I bought at the NEC Knitting and Stitching Fair in August.

The picture is based on the weather we experienced in Wales this "summer", the felts embellished on to linen and then stitched.

Last weekend we had a family trip to visit my great friend Linda Alton who is a jewellery maker / silversmith in Nottinghamshire. She gave me the long grey straight beads that remind me of the lead piping in Cleudo! They inspired me to get cracking and finish this off.

She proudly showed me her newly refurbed studio which makes me green with envy - I hope she does well at her Open Studio event this weekend - she makes fabulous pieces based on the wonder of nature.

We had a great time. How a friendship like this remains so strong when we have a shared history is such a joy even when we meet up so rarely.

Here you can see what I mean by the Welsh colours - this sky at Llandanwg was quite dramatic.

... and now for something completely different ... this is a sketch I made tonight for a sort of cartoony cushion in calico, stitching and ditsy prints. Watch this space....


  1. Looks like you were in Wales the same time as us (i.e. any of the last 365 days!)

  2. You see this is why I love your blog, so much to see, a bit of news and an interesting link, you're fab Yarnie, cheers! MH

  3. great embroidery of Wales in the rain - very evocative, though Ive never been to Wales ;) liked the pomegranate pot too.

  4. Hi GGY
    I have'nt visited for a while, been felting. I love your beautiful little pomigranite pot that you made. It sounds like you had fun doing wet felt.
    Can you please send some of that rain over here.

  5. Hello JGYG, Love your wool felted embroidery art impression of a summer in whales. Those clouds look a bit forboding to me. Like it might snow at any time. VBG You have inspired me to get back into working on my projects again. Hugs Judy


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