Thursday, 9 October 2008

Autumn days

It's a fabulous Autumn day and I have just enjoyed trimming a long lavender hedge in the garden - the smell was wonderful. All the clippings have gone in the compost so even that is fragrant!

Am a bit depressed though because my sewing machine has gone on strike as far as free machining goes so have just done the smoke on these trees by hand and they turned out quite nice really! It'll make a ditsy cushion.
Yesterday at Westhope I started this felt background for stitching at a later date and I've finished it for now. I NEED my machine to work. How frustrating. Well perhaps it will make me do a bit more gardening!

At Westhope a fellow student has been Kelly who makes fabulous roving and synthetic dreads and sells them online all over the world. Here she is and here's a link to her website

All of us have had fun felting over the 4 week course and here are some examples of what we have been taught by Stevie Walker the tutor.

The gardens are lovely there too and are a joy at lunchtime.


  1. that cushion hasn't taken long from thought to thread jollygood. I like it.

  2. I like your ditsy cushion.


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