Thursday, 2 October 2008

How I Felt

I felt potty and made my first 3D felt vessel. I am so pleased with it. The unpredictability of felt making is fun but using these autumnul colours in merino fleece created a lovely pomegranite like object - or is it a seed head? Well it doesn't matter but my furry pot is very tactile, smells nicely of Body Shop Olive Oil soap, which the wool was rubbed with, and is awaiting stitching I think...but then again it's nice as it is. Decisions, decisions.

I just find it amazing that seemless pots like this, bags, purses, animals etc can be made entirely by hand-rubbing sheeps fleece. I'm ready for more!

Here are some images at Westhope yesterday. It's an inspirational place for taking the felt-making course with tutor Stevie Walker. There's a fabulous walled kitchen garden hidden away in the grounds which is perfect for a peaceful lunch break and to rest those weary felt-making arms!
On the way home I drove along Wenlock Edge in the golden sunshine of a late Autumn afternoon and then had some butternut squash, onions, garlic, beetroot and tomatoes from the allotment roasted with lamb and rosemary. How much more seasonal can I get! Can you tell it's my favourite time of year?


  1. What a truly wonderful autumnal vessel. It's great to celebrate the seasons. What an inspiration. I love the idea of beetroot and butternut squash roasted with onions, garlic and tomatoes. We grow all of these in our garden, I must try them together.
    Happy Autumn Tricia

  2. That post was a joy to read, thank you. Sounds like you're really enjoying yourself. As I am surrounded by trees full of pomegranites at the moment, I instantly recognised your pot!

  3. Hello
    E mail me your e mail address and I'll send you some photos of pomegranites, Gogeous things, inside and out.

  4. Hello JGYG, I love your 3D felted vessel. The colors are fantastic and is truly a lovely Autumn piece of art. I also truly enjoyed looking at the Westhope images. Soooo beautiful. Your felting projects are a joy to look at. Hugs Judy


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