Friday, 19 September 2008

Tree Party

I have been learning a fabric mosaic technique from Barbara Weeks and have enjoyed coming up with this design which I gleaned from an idea from Spiritcloth's Blog. I have been trying to think of some way to portray trees for a while and this gave me a chance to experiment.

Of course it will be very different when heavily quilted but my sewing machine is still in hospital!
We used freezer paper and bondaweb to make up the jigsaw style mosaics which was fun. Some of these fabrics are batik and others are from my hand dying escapade back in August.

I also made a little heart to quilt.


  1. i popped over here from Judes to admire your trees - they look great. Ive been for a little browse - you've been making some lovley stuff. I bought an embellisher a few months ago but have hardly touched it- i love the road you made

  2. that looks a triffle broken hearted jollygood. But most attractive all the same.

  3. You have a really beautiful use of fabric tones in this mosaic. I love your creative use of dyed materials in mosaic. Fantastic work. xteresa


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