Thursday, 16 October 2008

Hoorah - decision made!

Hoorah I have decided upon, and ordered a Bernina 440QE with stitch regulator! It's coming tomorrow but hubby says I have to keep it in the box until Christmas. Boy that's tough.

Ok I know this is not a picture of a sewing machine but how often are you in the garden when a butterfly lands on your right hand and you happen to have a camera in your left?


  1. hoorah indeed. bit mean of your husband to make you wait though :)

  2. About as often as you order a Bernina. MH x

  3. How beautiful is that!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations on decision of machine. I can guess what you'll be doing Christmas Day......

  4. I couldn't leave it in the box that long. Would drive me crazy just knowing it was there waiting to be played with.

    Great butterfly. Your quick to get a photo of it.


  5. You are going to LOVE the Bernina Stitch Regulator! I've had mine about a month and can't keep away from it. However will you be able to wait until Christmas? Isn't against the human rights laws? LOL!


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