Sunday, 19 October 2008

Autumnal Stitching

It's been a lovely sunny Autumn weekend but tonight's wind is fetching the leaves off the trees and winter is looming.

Here are a few Halloween stitchings that are in the kitchen! I'm sure people must think I'm a part time witch.

Do you think it could be that one's favourite time of year can reflect when one was born? My birthday is in early November and the oranges of this time of year are so appealing to me.

We all supposedly have birth stones...have you ever thought about what your birth vegetable might be? Mine is definitely a pumpkin!

My daughter has just turned seven and started cross stitching today. JOY! She suggested that we turn the playroom into a sewing room. Picture nine year old son's eyes rolling heavenward (like father, like son).

She suggests we have a few friends over to sew, chat and have cake. My, my this girl is shaping up!


  1. hooray - your daughter sounds like she is shaping up well...sewing and cake with friends. love it. Moo (4) has asked for a sewing basket for Christmas. Im so thrilled.

  2. lol, may the desire for such good things never leave her :D

  3. It's great to see the little ones start stitching. My 8 year old just loves to go to her junior embroidery group and sit around stitching and chatting. Plus being the youngest she gets lots of attention from the older members who drop in.


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